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Spurs delegation reportedly in Sao Paolo to seal Pato deal

Is the former Serie A striker headed back to Europe? POSSIBLY!

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

It seems somewhat ludicrous that we're talking about this for real, given that just a few weeks ago we had an article on this site that was a shot in the dark about taking a flyer on the Brazilian striker, but it appears it's more than just crazy talk at this point.

Selecao Brasileira is reporting that Spurs have matched Corinthians valuation of Alexandre Pato, reportedly at €11m, and are now in Sao Paolo to try and finish the deal. If this sounds a little bat country, well here's some live shots from their twitter:

The reported fee is about what everyone expected as Corinthians wanted to get somewhere in the £7m-£9m range. This would put it smack in the middle at £8m and change. Now that Corinthians have been satisfied with the fee, the reported delegation are now meeting with Pato and his team to work out details of a full transfer.

This may happen, gang. Stick tight.