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Former manager to make deadline day deal for Tottenham misfit

Tim Sherwood wants Emmanuel Adebayor and he can have him.

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Emmanuel Adebayor is still a Tottenham Hotspur player for some reason and after a move to West Ham seemed to have died on the vine and (allegedly) being offered to Manchester United, it looked like he would continue to occupy space on the Tottenham balance sheet. Enter former Spurs manager Tim Sherwood who has long been rumored to be after Adebayor. The Telegraph is now reporting that Sherwood and Aston Villa will revive their interest in a season-long loan deal for the Togolese striker.

Adebayor's wages represent a sizeable chunk of the Tottenham payroll, certainly an outsized portion when you consider that Spurs aren't even using him in the first team at present. A move to Villa, who probably couldn't pay all of his wages, would at least get some of Adebayor's salary off of the books for the season and, depending upon performance, could allow Tottenham to sell him for more money next summer (Ed. Note: Adebayor is out of contract after this season).

Tactics Tim had the following to say about Adebayor:

"I can only talk about him as a footballer and a friend, he's a good guy and a very good footballer. It's a shame he's not played on a regular basis more often. It depends on how the dominoes go.

"Ade has been used to training with the reserves, he's been doing that for a number of years since he's been at Tottenham which is a shame for someone with such a talent.

"The due diligence is done, I know the player and then it's up to me to get the best out of him if he was to come here. But he's a Tottenham player - well he's not, he's a Tottenham development player! Never rule it out, but don't rule it in either."

You're right Tim, he's not a Tottenham player, at least not in the dream world that I have constructed. Help make a poor bloggers dreams into reality. Please, someone, anyone, buy Emmanuel Adebayor or loan him. I don't care. Just take him.