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Tottenham reveals 2015-16 third kit: IT'S PURPLE


Remember when Tottenham Hotspur's third kit was leaked to the public and everyone was sad because we were promised a purple third kit and this one appeared to be stripes of alternating shades of grey with a robin's egg blue collar and accents? And we all rent our 2010 Jermain Defoe jerseys and doused ourselves with ashes and set ourselves on fire and shouted to the heavens WHY WHY WHY?

Remember that? That sucked.

But it's okay. Everything's fine again, because Tottenham Hotspur announced its alternate change shirt (aka "third") shirt today on its website, and guess what:



So it turns out the FootyHeadlines leak was real, which doesn't surprise me. They tend to be right more often than not when it comes to kit leaks. Great Muppety Odin, those are fantastic. Here I had my little heart set on the sash kit, but I might just have to save my pennies for a Spurple kit as well.

They also look really, really good on the pitch. I liked the lighter Spurple shirts, but seeing them in action against Real Madrid is really something. I hope they wear them every week.

You can try and hate this kit, but you can't. It's impossible. It's un-hatable.  I'm totally buying one, because that's purple. And beautiful. And purple.

Please don't tell my wife.