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Wheeler Dealer Radio Podcast - Bentalli 2015

New Season! New Season Preview!

Martin Rose/Getty Images

A new season is here! And Tottenham is ready to play some football games! I'm joined by Ben Daniels, Michael Caley, Bryan A, and Willie for a special five man pod line this week to help give you the most in depth preview possible.

We talk about the Audi cup (well the first match anyway) and use that to read the tea leaves for the upcoming season. Then we take a look at how Spurs are shaping up for the 2015/2016 season. Then we talk about Vlad because of course we do.

WE'RE BACK ON ITUNES! CHECK US OUT! LEAVE A REVIEW! Or we'll rehire Tim Sherwood or something. Also you can listen to us on the app of your choice by using our XML feed. And if you can't figure out how to listen at this point, who are you? Harry Redknapp or Tim Sherwood or something? Go listen and enjoy. Or not. Whatever.