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Emmanuel Adebayor returns to London after Villa loan deal collapses


Ian Walton/Getty Images

After passing a medical, an agreement being put in place between the clubs, and everything looking like it was ready to be signed and delivered, Emmanuel Adebayor looks to be heading back to London.

According to The Times, the loan agreement that would send Adebayor to Aston Villa has reached an impasse and the deal looks as though it has been scuttled. The article itself is behind a paywall, but the general gist of the article is that talks have fallen apart over Adebayor not wanting to move from London to the Midlands after the loan deal ends, despite two meetings with Tim Sherwood and Aston Villa agreeing to pay the entirely of Ade's £100k/week wages for the duration of the loan.

Basically, your TL;DR is that Adebayor and Villa couldn't come to terms. Further hunting on this has led to rumors that Adebayor wanted certain guarantees after the 2015-2016 when it came to a contract, much like the deal that was put in place when he came to White Hart Lane from Manchester City. The difference here, though, is that Daniel Levy has zero desire to subsidize any wages in the manner that City did and, thus, Aston Villa would be on the hook for everything.

It is important to note that Villa have not fully closed the door, but chances are high that they're going to find a striker elsewhere.

So where does this leave Spurs and Adebayor? In short, nowhere good. Reports that Adebayor cleaned out his locker surfaced about a week ago (never confirmed, to be fair) and, now, we're looking at an uncomfortable situation with a player who is obviously not wanted by the club coming back in and, more than likely, going back to training with the youth academy. I never rule out reconciliation, especially with how thin Spurs are up top, but all signs point to the bridges being burned.

With three weeks to go in the transfer window, the suitors for Adebayor have been very few and far between. For now, Adebayor and his wage bill will remain on the books at White Hart Lane.

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