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Did Pato just quash Tottenham transfer rumors via Instagram?

Not really a surprise, but at least it seems he's just staying in Brazil.

Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

The Alexandre Pato story has been a strange one for Tottenham Hotspur. What started as a seemingly #BatCountry rumor turned into something at the end of this transfer window. While Corinthians and Tottenham reportedly came to an agreement on a transfer fee, it would appear that the final piece of the puzzle is not going to get places as Pato has taken to Instagram to show where his loyalty is currently at.

This was posted on Pato's Instagram roughly five hours after we reported that the fee had been agreed upon and that a Spurs delegation was in Brazil to try and woo Pato to North London.

While this isn't the club coming out and saying that everything has died, we were hoping for some late news about a Brazilian striker flying with the Spurs entourage back to England. Now, unless there is a sudden change of heart, it would seem as though Pato is rather happy playing in his home country and wants no part of Europe.