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Wanyama joins up with Kenya casting doubt on possible transfer

Another one bites the dust?

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Bad news for any of you Tottenham Hotspur fans holding out hope for the signing of Victor Wanyama. The Southampton midfielder has left the country to join up with his national team Kenya, according to Lyall Thomas of Sky Sports.

It was thought that Wanyama would be a possible holding midfield transfer target for Spurs after the player reportedly asked to leave St. Mary's. Now that he's left the country any transfer involving him would have to be completed without a medical taking place.

Any move regarding a player of Wanyama's talent will likely involve a hefty sum making a thorough medical evaluation a must.

With another target likely off the shopping list, possible options seem to be dwindling. The emergence of Eric Dier as a capable holding midfielder has lifted the air of desperation when it comes to signing a player. However, the day is young and anything is possible when the window is closing.

Will Spurs continue their search for a midfielder or are they content to wait until January? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to CFC for all your latest transfer news throughout the day. Keep our stream of transfer news bookmarked for your convenience.