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Adeabyor and Levy in epic stare-down over wages as transfer deadline looms

Clive Rose/Getty Images

After failing to move on Emmanuel Adebayor for what fears like the last three seasons, it appears it may come down to a deadline day dogfight between Aston Villa and West Ham for the striker's services. Yesterday, former Tottenham Hotspur manager and current Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood was linked with a loan move for Adebayor. The player, however, seems most interested in a move to West Ham.

Wages are always going to be a sticking point for any deal involving Adebayor. Rumors are now circulating, or at least I've seen them on Sky Sports, that Spurs could cancel Adebayor's contact, leaving him free to sign for whatever club he wants. In the end, it may come down to Levy being forced to subsidize a portion of Adebayor's wages until his contract expires next summer. Paying Adebayor £50k to play for someone else doesn't sound like fun, but maybe if it was £20k, it'd be a little more palatable.

As Hytner says, this will likely come down to who is going to blink first on wages. Adebayor has shown that he is mostly content to not play and collect his weekly paychecks and, thus far, we've gotten no indication from Levy that he is inclined to get rid of only some of the Togolese striker's wages.