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West Brom reject Tottenham's third Berahino bid. Game over?

What is going on in the Midlands? Jeremy is taking things very personally, that's what.

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

From the void of reason that is the personal rift between West Bromwich Albion's chairman Jeremy Peace and Tottenham's own vice master extraordinaire, Daniel Levy, comes news of a new bid for Saido Berahino. Of course, it has been turned down by the Midlands club.

According to John Percy and Matt Law of the Telegraph, the bid was for 23 million pounds. The Telegraph are as plugged into Spurs as any publication in the United Kingdom so I would put this report firmly in the believable category. The rejection is not surprising as relations between the clubs have been strained in the last weeks as Tottenham have turned up the pressure, resulting in West Brom complaining publicly about the bids.

The news of a fresh rejection is strange, however, seeing as it was rumored (always rumored!) earlier that Peace had stopped fielding calls or communication of any kind from our chairman. So this is how I imagine this bid was, allegedly, turned down.

Levy, seeing things clearly for the first time, drove to the West Midlands, threw stones at the window of Peace's office, and when he finally got Jeremy to open the window, held a boombox high above his head with a recording of his own voice saying :


Peace, never having seen Say Anything, was unmoved, and here we stand.