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Emmanuel Adebayor won’t leave Tottenham unless he gets ALL his money

This is sure to end well...

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

This is not the kind of rumor we wanted to see today, but with the insanity that has been this Silly Season, it shouldn't be any kind of shock.

According to Matt Law, Emmanuel Adebayor has had enough and has made a demand to have his contract paid out in full by Tottenham Hotspur.

If this doesn't make you raise your eyebrow at all, how about this secondary tweet that shows what will happen if Adebayor remains at Tottenham after 1PM EST today:

Tottenham Hotspur have done just about everything under the Sun to put Emmanuel Adebayor into a situation that he can get playing time in and getting his wages off the books.. A deal was struck to reunite him with Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa and it seemed like all parties would be happy as Adebayor would be playing with a coach who believed in him and he would still get his full wages. He scuttled that deal for reasons that change depending on who you ask, but the two reasons that came out the most was he either didn't want to leave London or there was a disagreement with certain royalties.

After the Villa deal fell apart, it was reported that West Ham United would rekindle their interest in the Togo International. If you'll remember, a deal was in place last January to send him to the Hammers that ended up falling apart because Daniel Levy didn't want to send Ade to a rival they were competing with closely on the table. Nothing came of this new interest, and most everyone was resigned to the fact that Adebayor would either be relegated to training with the youth squad or he would be sent to the same place Benoit Assou-Ekotto went to.

Now, on the flip side of this, Emmanuel Adebayor does have a contract in place that Tottenham are obligated to pay him. There is no question that this is a two man dance and both sides have their points. Adebayor will get paid no matter what happens, while Tottenham are doing anything they can to move him on and avoid being stuck paying his full wages. Whoever you side with on this doesn't change the fact that it's not a good situation all around. With under two hours to go in the window, unless something drastic happens, it would appear that Adebayor is going to be exiled from White Hart Lane and collect a paycheck to do little to nothing with the club.