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Tottenham claims Jeremy Peace alone scuttled Berahino deal

World Peace? Not quite.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Saido Berahino is still a West Bromwich Albion player and will be until at least January. Tottenham Hotspur put in two bids in the waning hours of the transfer window only to have both of them summarily rejected. However, new information is already coming out about how and why Spurs' last-ditch offers failed.

Wow. Think about that a second. Daniel Levy, the player, and the player's manager all wanted the deal to go through, it was started in May, and it was scuttled by the West Brom chairman because, idk, reasons. This is on top of (uncorroborated) reports that Jeremy Peace was ignoring phone calls and e-mails from Spurs officials who were keen to make a deal.

We'll have more to say about this a little later. In the mean time, just let that sink in a bit, then ask yourself what you really think Saido Berahino meant in his recent tweet.