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West Brom boss doubts Berahino will ever be a Tottenham player

Baggies manager Tony Pulis doesn't think Spurs chairman Daniel Levy will jump back in the ring for Berahino anytime soon.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We don't need to rehash the entire Saido Berahino transfer saga from this summer's window. We already know what happened. But now West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis has spoken about Spurs' failed bid for Berahino, and has cast doubt upon the idea that Tottenham will ever go back in for the young wide forward.

"Personally I don't think Tottenham will ever come back," Pulis said. "I don't think that will happen. I just think most probably the two clubs have tried to do a deal and it's not worked and not happened.

I don't see Daniel [Levy] coming back to try to sign Saido again. I might be wrong. It's just my feeling. I just don't see Daniel coming back."

Pulis is probably not wrong. Daniel Levy's deadline day showdown with West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace might have effectively poisoned the well between Tottenham and West Brom for the foreseeable future, much in the way that relations between Spurs and Chelsea have yet to be fully repaired after Blues' failed bid for Luka Modric. While I wouldn't put money on it, I have a hard time believing that Levy would willingly wade back into that morass to try and sign Berahino from Peace in January, or at any other time.

There are plenty of other wide forwards or strikers out there that would fit Spurs' needs and that don't require Spurs ponying up £25m-30m and having to deal with a ginormous horses a** like Jeremy Peace. I suspect Spurs will probably head in some other direction in future transfer windows.

Saido Berahino will almost certainly be sold to some bigger club than West Brom. He's too big a talent to languish in the Midlands overlong.  But at this point it's pretty clear that club won't be Tottenham Hotspur.