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Community Hoddle of Coffee for Tuesday, September 15

Europa comin'!

Matthew Ashton/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Our fearless founder misplaced the keys to the Hoddle last night, so while he searches his digital couch cushions today we get another community Hoddle of Coffee for your enjoyment.

So who's excited for the start of Europa League play? I am! Despite the annoyances of Thursday-Sunday matches, the long travel to far away locales, and the sometimes dire football, especially in the group stages, I do love the fact that Tottenham gets to plan in a European competition. I mean, when else would we be able to watch an Azerbaijani club team play in White Hart Lane? Or anywhere, really? When else can you see a team from Norway take on a team from Cyprus? (No idea if that's a real match up; I totally made it up, but you get the idea) We complain a lot about the Europa League, but it serves a purpose, and I'm excited to see what Spurs can do this season.

Today's musical interlude delves into the genre of jazz. I was very late to the Bill Evans musical appreciation party, but once I did he quickly shot up to be one of my all-time favorites. Evans was a genius, with a very unique playing style (bent horizontally over the keys), and a fantastic knack for improvisation. This particular song, "Nardis," is a weird little modal number that Evans recorded with his trio and that happens to be one of my favorites. Enjoy.