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Even American politicians are embracing soccer

America is slowly but surely becoming a soccer country. When I started following the sport back in 2001 it was the outcast. Usually relegated to some off-brand television channel that you needed a super-secret subscription just to get.

Fast forward to 2015 and soccer is a legitimate threat to break into the top four sports in the United States. National television soccer matches are a weekly thing now and the popularity has boomed. Nothing signifies this more than what was spotted on Capitol Hill recently.

During a Republican conference, this chalkboard was meant as a collage of all the best "football" teams in the country or most likely who all the participants cheered for.

(via /r/COYS)

Easily visible is the big NFL logo, the NCAA logo, along with those of the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and Virginia Tech. However, in the bottom right hand corner of the board you can see the Tottenham Hotspur badge along with the caption "Any love for British football?".

Back in 2001 if you had told me something like this would be seen in our nation's capitol, I would've told you to lay off the narcotics.