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Cartilage Free Short Fuse: the Arsenal blog takeover IS ON!


Clive Rose/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order! For everyone! Just days into what was a 90 day campaign, we met our goal of $5,000 total raised for Thomas Wachtel, managing editor of SB Nation's Arsenal blog The Short Fuse. Thomas' medical bills will be fully paid. And I couldn't be happier.

The Short Fuse is pretty happy too.

But not only did we meet the goal of paying off Thomas' medical bills after his accident, we also met our primary fundraising goal of donations by Spurs fans, which means...

The takeover of The Short Fuse is on!!

This (obviously) couldn't have happened without your support, and the support of other Spurs fans from across the globe who gave their hard-earned money for this good cause. I'm so incredibly proud of all of you and grateful beyond words.

In fact, this was so much fun for both of our fanbases that we're in the beginning stages of setting up a future joint charity campaign-slash-blog competition. All details are nebulous, but this was a lot of fun and we'd like to do it again.

So what's next?

In short, we're working on it. The date of the takeover is TBD, but it will most assuredly be after the Capital One Cup North London Derby. We have some ideas. We're sure you have some ideas too. We'll give you an opportunity to brainstorm what the takeover will look like at a future time and in a separate post.

In the meantime, give yourselves a solid pat on your collective backs. You have done a good thing for a good person. This is the best thing we've ever done on this blog, and I'm totally crying you guys omg