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Wednesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: September 2, 2015

Come chat with CFC post-deadline day.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Good morning, Spursland.

We apologize for the lateness of the Hoddle today, so please forgive us. With Deadline Day and such, we're all kind of recovering from the last 48-72 hours. The Wheeler Dealer Radio guys are probably all hungover and the rest of us are trying to snap out of it at work.

I had kind of a crappy night myself away from the site, but I can tell you that listening to certain songs can at least help me snap out of the funk. One of my favorite songs to listen to that mellows me out comes from Damon Albarn's project, Gorillaz. While a lot of people will try and tell you that songs like Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc, or Last Living Souls might be peak Gorlliaz, I defer to this one:

Enjoy the morning, ladies and gentlemen.