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WATCH: Highlights from Tottenham Hotspur v. Crystal Palace


Note: SB Nation has entered into an agreement with NBC Sports whereby SBN blogs now have access to various Premier League highlight packages from the NBC match feeds. This is exciting on various levels, but it does come with a pretty big caveat: at present time these highlight packages are currently geolocked to USA and its territories only. This is a pretty significant bummer to our readers in the UK and other parts of the world, which we acknowledge, so when we use these highlights we will try and be very clear about who is and is not able to view them.

Did you miss Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 win over Crystal Palace yesterday? Fear not, for we have highlights of all the action for you to watch.

Tottenham played one of its best matches of the opening part of the season in its win over Alan Pardew's Eagles. Despite dominating possession bossing the center of the pitch, it was a 69th minute strike from Son Heung-Min on his White Hart Lane league debut that was the difference maker. Spurs have now won three matches in a row and hope to take that momentum into Wednesday's Capital One Cup match-up against bitter rivals Arsenal at White Hart Lane.