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The unbeaten run continues: Spurs vs. Crystal Palace Community Player Ratings

The team's highest rated performance thus far produces a third consecutive win.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

1. Hugo Lloris - GK 8.7
Minutes played90
I was going through the ratings this morning and when I saw Lloris' rating, which is the highest any player has received all year, I thought there had to be an error in the data. I honestly couldn't remember Lloris having much to do. Spurs had 70% possession and most of the shots, but Lloris did this.

Lloris continues his good form early in the season. He's faced considerably fewer shots this season and much fewer from dangerous positions, but, as he did on Sunday, when he has faced good shots, Hugo has been more than equal to the task.

2. Son Heung-Min - AMC 8.6
Minutes played78
Shots(On Target)5(2)
I think the thing I like best about Son so far is his pace. Just watching him get on the ball and then burst past opponents is a thing of beauty and an aspect our attack that has been missing the last couple seasons.

Son looked dangerous for a lot of the match as he drifted all along the front line. He and Alli continued to work well together and Son and Lamela form a really amazing pressing combination. My one concern is that Son is probably best utilized in Nacer Chadli's position, but if Son keeps scoring goals, Spurs won't miss Chadli much.

3. Eric Dier - DM 7.8
Minutes played90
Who knew that Eric Dier was a midfielder? Dier continues to impress both in the way he shields the backline and with his passing. I am consistently amazed by Dier's vision and ability to pick a pass. He looked much more comfortable with the more adventurous Alli beside him than he did with the more conservative Tom Carroll in midweek.

Dier has been our star of the season so far. If he continues to improve his positioning and his passing, Spurs could find themselves with a truly world class defensive midfielder on their hands.

OTHERS: Walker (6.6), Alderweireld (7.2), Vertonghen (7.4), Davies (6.7), Alli (7.7), Chadli (5.9), Lamela (7.6), Kane (5.9)

SUBS: Eriksen (7.4), Clinton (6.4), Carroll (6.0)