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Police arrest Arsenal fans after White Hart Lane vandalism incident

FA will not charge clubs, says it is a criminal matter

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Some Arsenal fans decided to celebrate their victory in the North London Derby by vandalizing White Hart Lane and assaulting some stewards. Well I hope those jerks enjoyed themselves because ten of them have been arrested.

The offenses range from assault to criminal damage. Arsenal and Spurs are working together to identify the people responsible. Given how visible the area in question was, I doubt this will be terribly difficult. The FA has said this is a criminal matter and the clubs will not face charges. I would imagine this means that there could be more criminal charges on the way.

Here's hoping they get the book thrown at them. What happened at the Lane yesterday was pretty inexcusable. It was assault and vandalism and its not the kind of thing you see at Premier League games. I'm less worried about if this will scare people and what it will mean moving forward. Talk to any Spurs fan about what happened yesterday and they're angry. Talk to any Spurs fan who was actually at yesterday's game and they're furious.

What's going to happen the next time we go to the Emirates? What happens if its an emotional game, where someone scores a late winner or concedes late? Who knows what will go on if some bunch of idiots decide they want to get even. Here's hoping everyone involved in this incident gets exactly what they deserve.