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The Short Fuse Takeover: Let's do some brainstorming!

It's time to start planning for Cartilage Free Short Fuse.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

So yesterday kind of sucked for everyone. Not only did we lose to arch-rivals Arsenal but we had to suffer through the indignities of a brace! From Flamini! The horror! And, like every North London Derby loss, it eventually led to the inevitable internal bickering and navel-gazing. Yesterday evening was not a fun time to read the site.

But there's good news! In case you missed it, we've scheduled our one-day takeover of Arsenal blog The Short Fuse for Thursday, October 15. And that's where you come in.

We're all pretty smart, creative, and clever people, us masthead members, and we've got a whole raft full of ideas of what we can do and write about during our one day occupation of SB Nations' Gooner blog. But it's not all about us. It's about you too. After all, we couldn't have met our fundraising goal for Thomas without the monetary support YOU provided.

This is your victory. You got us over the line. We just get the fun part of making it a reality.

So this is your opportunity to brainstorm with us. Give us article ideas! Things to write about. Want us to do a Tactics Tuesday piece where all the .gifs are Arsene Wenger throwing a water bottle? Actual libraries that are louder than the Emirates: ranked? Shall we change The Short Fuse logo to a giant zipper? HELP US HELP YOU.

A couple of general guidelines:

Don't be mean.

This is supposed to be light-hearted and fun #banter. We're not out to make people cry. It's fun and fine to make fun of players, coaches, and situations, but we're not going to cross any boundaries of good taste and we're certainly not going to libel.

No fake transfer rumors.

Unfortunately, these stories WILL get picked up by news aggregators, and while that's fine, it means we need to be careful not to include things that are blatantly misleading. This is parody and #banter, but we're not making up things from whole cloth.

We can't use everything, sorry.

Our readers are super smart and clever and awesome, but we have a limited number of things we can post in a day and a limited amount of time to write them. So while we may use your idea, we won't (and can't) use all of them. I expect we'll need to turn away a whole lot of great ideas. It's not personal.

So let's hear it, commentariat! Throw out your story ideas for the blog takeover! Have fun!