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Spurs send Gareth Bale look-alike to League Two on short term loan

Gareth Bale II is playing for Gary Rootbeer!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Lost in all the "Spurs just beat Manchester City" stuff from yesterday was a lonely tweet, sent out in the hour just before the match kicked off by Tottenham's official Twitter account. Tottenham youth player Kenneth McEvoy is heading out on an emergency one-month loan to League Two side Stevenage.

So, if you're a long-time reader of Cartilage Free Captain, there's a lot of jokes you can make here. In fact, this is a story that seems perfectly created for the Carty-Free old guard. First, there's McEvoy's uncanny physical similarity to a young Gareth Bale. Nowadays, of course, he doesn't quite look the part, especially now that Bale looks like a hippie Welsh Buddhist warrior-monk in Madrid, but that won't stop us from forever referring to McEvoy as Welsh Jesus' clone.

But also, McEvoy's heading to Stevenage, a club populated by players known only by the moniker "Gary Rootbeer," for a month as short-term cover.* Can we surmise that Stevenage might have thought they were loaning Gareth Bale's clone and are giving him a trial? We'll never know.

In all seriousness, these kinds of loans can be good for young developing players. There's usually very little risk involved: they're brought in for a short term, usually after a key player goes down with an injury, and the young player usually walks into the side or acts as first team cover until the injured player comes back. It's a good way for a Spurs youngster to get some fast experience at the lower leagues.

We rated Kenny #14 on our summer list of Tottenham prospect rankings, and Spurs extended his contract for another 18 months this summer, which means that they have hopes for his future. Let's hope Gary Rootbeer doesn't break his legs.