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Community Hoddle of Coffee for Monday, September, 28

Good day, Spurs fans! Get your talk on.

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Hello Spurs fans! Happy Monday! Does it still feel good? Has the positive energy faded yet? I still find myself thinking back to Saturday's dismantling of Manchester City at White Hart Lane and pinching myself. Did we really just put a beating on a club that started the most expensive starting lineup in Premier League history with a team that features a 19 year old and a 21 year old in central midfield?

Yes. Yes we did. And yep, it still feels pretty good. Emotions like "joy," "optimism," and "hope" have been selectively culled from the minds of most Spurs fans after years of typical Spurs seasons. We're not used to this. It feels odd. We start to doubt whether these are real or whether we're in some Inception-level dream within a dream within a dream (whose top layer is undoubtedly that of Daniel Levy).

No matter. Let's take this one match at a time and enjoy this feeling, because this is undoubtedly the point where the trap door gives way, right?