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International football open thread

There's nothing else on, so why not international football?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Hey, it's the international break! Aren't they awesome? I mean, who wouldn't rather watch Luxembourg vs. Macedonia in a European qualification group stage or Cyprus host Wales? Especially when these players only play together like two days before each match?

But never mind that. We're still going to watch the games because we're football fans and there's nothing else on, am I right? This here is your open thread for the international friendly, 2018 World Cup qualification, and 2016 European Cup qualification matches that are happening all over the globe today, this weekend, and all next week.

Lots of Tottenham Hotspur players are in action, which is both emphatically awesome and really freakin' scary. Can you just imagine what would happened to the Tottenham fan base if Harry Kane breaks an ankle against San Marino? I can, and it would make the current wave of anger now directed at Daniel Levy look like ripples in a kiddy pool.

What I'm saying is, please don't get injured, Hotspurs.

The usual rules for open threads apply: no links to illegal streams, no outright abuse directed at players or officials. Enjoy, and have fun!