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Lamela's performance recognized by EA Sports in FIFA Ultimate Team

Atta boy, Coco!

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Given the ratings by both the Commentariat and the Masthead, it would appear that we're all in agreement that Erik Lamela transformed into the destroyer of worlds against Manchester City. It was fun watching him do pretty much whatever he wanted in that second half, especially feeding Toby Alderweireld's goal off of a free kick and turning Willie Caballero and Martin Demichelis into a live-action Benny Hill reel. The only thing missing from it was Yackety Sax.

You know who else agrees with everyone here? EA Sports.

See that? That's the full lineup for this week. Let's ENHANCE!

Oh yeah, Coco is getting some love this week on FIFA 16 in Ultimate Team as he is getting a nice boost up to an 80 overall. His dribbling and shooting received the biggest boosts in particular, and while he isn't going to command a huge price in coins like Robert Lewandowski is going to command this week (though shouldn't Lamela get the spurple treatment?), it's nice to see Lamela getting some love in one of the most popular sports titles in the world.