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Spurs played well, but didn't score: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Everton community player ratings

Julian Finney/Getty Images

1. ERIC DIER - MC 7.8
Minutes played90
This was definitely Eric Dier's best game and the community recognized it. Dier was given tons of time and space on the ball and he used it time and again to make smart passes. I'll be honest, I didn't expect much more from Dier than to break up play and lay the ball off to creative players, but he's showing that he has excellent awareness and a good range of passing. I mean, just look at THIS!

That's not to say that Dier wasn't excellent at breaking up play too. His five tackles and three interceptions lead the team in both categories. Dier still seems to take some dangerous risks with sliding challenges and physical play in general, though. The steel he adds to the team is great, but he needs to make sure he keeps himself under control and out of the referees book.

2. DANNY ROSE - LB 7.3
Minutes played90
Danny Rose was back with a vengence against Everton. Tottenham with two marauding fullbacks is much more dangerous than Tottenham with only one. That's not a knock on Davies, who is certainly competent and a reliable back up, but Danny Rose shuttling up and down the left side, getting on the end of diagonals and taking on opponents is a beautiful thing to watch.

Having Rose fully fit and is going to be a huge boon for this team and though he was less involved than usual against Everton, you could still see that the Toffees were careful to make sure that he was accounted for at all times. Welcome back, Danny!

Minutes played90
Hugo has been one of the top performers every week that he's played so far this season. I don't know if this is just because we love him so much or because he actually is amazing. Tim Howard was probably the better keeper in this game, but Lloris did make a couple of important saves to keep Spurs in the match.

Also, earlier in the season I criticized Lloris over his distribution. In this most recent match he was much more solid, completing almost 80% of his passes. Lloris being effective playing the ball out of the back is integral to Spurs and when he doesn't make sloppy clearances or bad giveaways, we look much better.

OTHERS: Walker (5.6), Alderweireld 7.1), Vertonghen (7.2),  Bentaleb(6.2), Dembele (6.5), Mason (6.6), Chadli (6.3), Kane (6.2)

SUBS: Alli (6.7) , Pritchard (5.9)


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