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Spurs loanee Nathan Oduwa continues to destroy Scotland's second division

Nathan Oduwa's loan to Rangers might be too easy for him, but BOY does he entertain at this level.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

When it was announced that Nathan Oduwa was being loaned to Mark Warburton's Rangers FC side in the Scottish second division, a lot of Spurs fans were a little perplexed. Sure, it's Rangers: big club, Ibrox, massive fan base, etc., but it's still the Scottish second division. Isn't that a little below Oduwa's level?

Well, turns out it is. But that's okay, because it allows Oduwa to continue to do highlight-reel worthy stuff like this.

That's Oduwa playing on the right side of midfield in a recent match against Raith. Oduwa had two assists and won a penalty and looked pretty darned spectacular doing so. Look at that pass that set up the goal in that first highlight! Just wonderful stuff.

Rangers won the match 5-0 and have have started out the season 9-0 under Warburton, making it the best opening to a Rangers manager's tenure in the club's long and storied history. Oduwa has been a revelation for Rangers thus far, and it's even led some Rangers fans to wonder if they can possibly keep him at Ibrox permanently.

Nope. No you can't. But thanks for developing him for us this season and giving us some highlights to enjoy.