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Labor Day Community Hoddle of Coffee

Happy Labor Day, everyone. Assuming you're not working

Just a couple of working men.
Just a couple of working men.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Greetings, Spurs fans! It's Labor Day here in the United States: a federal holiday dedicated to the American labor movement and that recognizes the American worker and the contribution that (s)he has made to the strength, progress, and well-being of our great country.

Yes, I'm writing this from work. Ironically, one of the few American institutions that doesn't automatically celebrate Labor Day is academia. Classes are still in session, and so here I am. It's a floating holiday for me, however, so I'll take a long weekend at some point during the school year. Probably when I remember to do it, which will likely be some time in March.

For the rest of you Americans, however, it's a day of rest, relaxation, and traditionally, cook-outs with beer and good friends. So I salute you, proud American worker! And to make this topical, here's a video from another proud American, Merle Haggard.