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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links January 15, 2016

Friday already, is it?

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

Yesterday I didn't feel like writing much as it was generally a bad day. Losing a big match at the end never sits quite right.

One of the great things about this article and life, however, is that one gets to go at it again the next day, and here we are.

As for the order of business at hand, let's not get too up or down about the result. The win would've been nice, I'm not delusional, but I also remember a few years ago when a certain gravelly-voiced ginger proclaimed that Arsenal, after we defeated them in early March and sat seven points clear, were in a "negative spiral" that would be almost impossible to overcome. May there be mercy on my soul for bringing this up, but those crap bags took 26 out of the next 30 points to turn it all around.

We're not dead. We're anything but. In fact, I'd say we've yet to reach our potential with this squad consistently so try to ride the wave a bit and enjoy. Life at the top may be unnerving, I've always argued it's just as stressful as the relegation scrap, but it's for all the good reasons.

And if all of that fails, remember that we lost to Wolves twice the only time we've ever gone to the Champions League. These things happen. Even to the best teams.

And now for the "news":

Jeremy Peace will salt the earth before selling Saido Berahino to Daniel Levy| London Evening Standard

This isn't even business anymore. This is more 19th century Sicilian blood feud, if, of course, Sicily had Twitter in the 1800s.

Grant Ward hitting his stride under a new boss| Sheffield Star

I propose the nickname "Choo Choo" for him because he really is the little engine that could. He forces his way into every team he plays for while out on loan.

Zidane will sign every Premier League player ever if he has his way| Express

Except Lee Cattermole. Even Zizou's massive, weird crush on English football has its limits.

Yunus Malli is a footballer we are looking at| DerWesten

I really hope you all can read German.

Aussie Open draws!| SB Nation Tennis

Players playing other players for a trophy that Australia.