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Eriksen confirms contract negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur

The Great Dane seems to be quite happy.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Christian Eriksen enjoyed playing against Sunderland today, netting a pair of goals on the way to a 4-1 victory over the Black Cats at White Hart Lane on Saturday. While he seemed to be in a bit of a slump lately, whether it be being played out of position or just a run of bad form, Eriksen is still very important to this squad, and it appears that both him and the club understand that.

After the match, the Danish International spoke with TV3 Sport from his native country about his time in North London and his immediate future. Eriksen was quite candid and revealed some important information.

- Vi er i gang med at snakke, så den er på vej, ja, siger Christian Eriksen til TV3 SPORT om en ny aftale med Tottenham.

- Jamen, det ser positivt ud. Som sagt så er der selvfølgelig et stykke tid endnu, og jeg tror ikke der er nogen af os der har travlt som sådan, siger midtbanespilleren.

- Jeg er rigtig glad for at være her. Jeg nyder hvert sekund og det håber jeg også jeg prøver at bevise på banen.

Plugging that into the Google machine, Eriksen confirms that talks are ongoing for an extension to keep him at White Hart Lane. When he was asked how those talks are progressing, he states that they are positive but there's still some work to be done. His closing quote is the best one of all, stating that he is very happy at the club and he loves every second of it.

Finding out what Eriksen currently makes is difficult. Figures are as high as £75k/week while others are as low as £30k/week. The general Google search gives a figure of £64k/week based on information from, but it's difficult to take that site seriously as the listing of players states they are from the Liverpool 2014-2015 roster.

Regardless of his current wages, this is great news. Eriksen appears to be very happy with the club, Tottenham is happy with him, and it should only be a matter of time before he signs a new deal.