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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links January 19, 2016

Terrible Taste Tuesday wakes up wakes up

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Spursland!

The window has been rather slow for Tottenham. In fact, the one constant rumor has been Andros Townsend being sold to Newcastle amidst interest from a handful of other clubs. I almost feel bad continuing to include it in the links because Toon's interest is that well known by now.

Conversely, it's a responsibility to include the realities of the daily rumor mill, and in lieu of me playing god and inventing rumors (see Daily Menno) I link what is out there: exciting, boring, or otherwise.

Which brings me to the next song in my door man playlist. If just catching up, I would take over the juke box at the pub where I worked when the music got boring during the mid-2000s. While I think most of the songs were good, if I'm being honest, a few weren't as good as the others, maybe even bad. Faced with this reality, I could revise history, trying to make myself look incredibly cool, or I could be a man and disclose my common tastes to the world.

I don't think I have to tell you twice what's about to go down.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's song.

And now for the "news"

Townsend and Berahino are McLaren targets| Daily Mail

Seems that Newcastle are trying to crowdsource their problems instead of actually building a cohesive unit. I propose we call this "pulling a Rodgers" and yes I'm trademarking it.

Spurs and other Premier League tracking Chicarito| Express

Forget the rumor. There is a publication named Don Balon! My friend used to prank call people in a Don Francisco-like voice only to intermittently work in personal insults, lewd questions, and crude language. His alias was "Don Balon", we were teenagers, and it was so much simpler then.

Real Betis join the race for Sandro| Sport

Language immersion is the only way to learn.

Tottenham targeting Wissam Ben Yedder| Mirror

There are ways this theoretically makes us better. I'm just not sure that a healthy Clinton and Pritchard don't solve these problems, minus a fee.

Woman takes a walk through a football match| SB Nation Lookit

Despite similarities to Monday's other game she is not, we repeat not, employed by Watford FC.