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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links January 20, 2016

Wednesday is for Spurs

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!

It's match day once again and can we just mince Leicester City to bits already? We're playing them for the third time in two weeks and they have managed to frazzle my one time ambivalence towards them into full on annoyance. Give me Sonny goals, Josh Onomah tricks, and Nabil Bentaleb fitness along with the win, please.

Playing the game isn't too worrying, though. Having this midweek match gives a few of our players the chance to stay match fit during a season that has seen chances to do so cut a bit. Unless Eric Dier gets hurt. Then Spurs supporters everywhere will implode on a scale unseen since...well probably this summer, but you get the point.

In honor of a changed up side today I will be sharing a song that I used to play as an interlude to up tempo music at the bar. If you haven't been following, I've been sharing songs I would play as a door man in the mid-2000s when the atmosphere would get a bit down. Even an energetic set needs its cool down, however, and this song would provide it.

Elvis Costello is no one's substitute, but he certainly was a change up on the playlist. Here's hoping our changes are half as inspired.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's song and COYR(otated)Spurs!

And now for the "news":

Andros Townsend wanted at Newcastle by Florian he can leave| Daily Star

Makes one wonder how great the young Frenchman could be if he didn't spend 99% of his life being a petulant child. He's extracted a remarkable amount from the one percent, granted, but still.

Mauricio asked if Spurs will change their style against Leicester City| ESPN FC

Pochettino wants to build a legacy at Tottenham| The Telegraph

Considering the set piece goals of the last couple weeks, it appears he respects the past as well. Can't move forward if you don't know where you've been!

Lads on the tube| Daily Mail

Two of us!

Spurs are trying to sign Jackson Martinez| Express

Atletí have a transfer ban looming, though, and hoping he comes good may be the better option. "Levy Out" squadron is already in full voice over this one.

Barça reject Betis overtures for Sandro|

All roads now lead to Tottenham! Which is the least they could manage seeing as no tube trains do.

Victoria Azarenka dabs after a win| SB Nation Lookit

Then the writer calls it a "dance meme". It's a dance move, not a meme. I love the people creating internet as much as the next person, but this is like calling bell bottoms a "fashion meme".

Stay tuned for her next win/Milly Rock which I'll gladly explain to this writer are actual movements made by actual people when actual music is played.