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Sunday football open thread

There are still football matches, with importance to Tottenham, on today!

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Are you all still reeling from the match yesterday? I haven't yet stopped watching the vine of Dele Alli's goal, which is probably the best goal I've ever seen by a Spurs player in my lifetime. (I can't say that I saw it live because I was at a swim meet all day and missed the live broadcast of the match.)

Anyway, there are two important games today in the EPL that have ramifications for where Spurs end up in the table. Everton are hosting Swansea city RIGHT NOW, and Chelesa visits Arsenal at 11 a.m. ET. If Guus Hiddink and Co. can take points off of Arsenal, we got ourselves a title race.

So here's your open thread for the Sunday football games. The usual rules apply. Have fun and don't post any spider .gifs.