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How the world reacted to Dele Alli's unbelievable goal vs. Crystal Palace

Clive Rose/Getty Images

If you haven't seen it by now, what the heck is wrong with you? It was one of the greatest goals we'll ever see in our lifetime. That's not over-the-top Tottenham Hotspur supporter slanted hyperbole either. Dele Alli's sensational, audacious, ridiculous, (insert 50 more adjectives) goal against Crystal Palace will likely live on in the highlight reels for as long as football is played.

Just in case you haven't seen it, here it is in all of its glory:

Obviously if you're a Spurs supporter you lost your mind upon seeing the goal whether it was live while it happened or on a replay. Here's how the rest of the world reacted to the moment on social media:

A former Spurs great, who is no stranger to scoring belters was thoroughly impressed.

'Arry is always thinking big picture.

Even one of Arsenal's biggest supporters can't help but praise the goal.

The goal was basically a life-changing experience.

Even Gob Bluth was impressed.

One of England's greatest goal scorers was taken back its beauty.

The unrealistic comparisons begin!