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Conspiracy Theory: Mauricio Pochettino the free kick master


Tottenham Hotspur are currently on a mysterious trip to Barcelona. Some are saying it's just a mini-vacation, a trip to a beautiful city to train and bond. New footage has leaked onto the internet that suggests this trip is more about business than meets the eye.

It's no secret that Christian Eriksen's free kick prowess has dipped this season, unable to replicate his amazing success from seasons past. This brand new footage suggests that the gaffer himself, Mauricio Pochettino, is secretly preparing to sign himself to become the club's new free kick specialist.

Some will say this is just a typical drill to test the goalkeepers. This is just one man's crazy conspiracy theory, so take it with a grain of salt. Poche is so sick of seeing every Spurs free kick bang into a wall or sail over the goal that he's resorted to holding a private training sesh in Barcelona just to get up to match fitness. When this shocking move happens I'll be here to say I told you so.