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Attempting to replicate Dele Alli's goal vs. Crystal Palace in FIFA 16

One of the bigger narratives floating around after Dele Alli's extraordinary goal against Crystal Palace on Saturday was that it was a goal that you couldn't even score in a video game. Specifically the video game FIFA 16. That only encouraged people to take that challenge head on an attempt to do so.

YouTuber bateson87 has the best attempt that we've stumbled upon so far. Here is his video trying to replicate the iconic goal in video game form:

It's a great attempt. Probably the closest anyone will ever get to replicating it. As they say, art imitates life. Unfortunately for video games, their art can never replace the pure joy and jubilation that was felt when Dele flicked that ball over his head and struck a shot of perfection in the back of the net. No virtual world can make you feel that feeling ever again. That feeling is a once in a lifetime feeling.

The myth has been confirmed. Alli's goal cannot be done in a video game.