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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links January 29, 2016

Friday ftw

Daniel Smith/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

Today sees the work week close with our beloved Tottenham Hotspur returning to the British Isles after a brief jaunt to Barcelona for training camp in a brighter environment. To celebrate the club will do the most English football thing ever: travel to Essex to play a third tier team in the FA lunchtime.

Let it be noted that the road to glory is not always glamorous.

I'd also like to point out that Colchester United are bad even by League One standards. While this bodes well for us, playing bad teams is much easier than playing good ones, it also means that their supporters will be wound up at the prospect of pulling a huge upset. If we play a rotated side, and we are probably hoping for that, some players who haven't seen much of the field are going to need to keep their cool in a charged, if not tiny, venue.

I'm hoping our second team can produce the type of quality they did against the likes of Monaco and Leicester City, however, and put nothing but doubt in these minnows minds.

And now for the "news":

Kane: Barcelona trip a good thing| Squawka

"We had tapas. Did you know tapas are just small plates of food you eat, possibly even share? We washed it down with red wine. I'm not much for drinking, normally, but apparently, red wine actually has health benefits so I had a glass. Was buzzing to be honest. As for the whole experience: red wine and food together, who knew? Spaniards, what will they think of next?"--Harry Kane, probably

Hoddle: Tottenham can compete for honors if they just believe| The Sport Review

I'll say it because nobody else seems to want to pull the trigger. We should stop talking about the title. If we're still within five points of the top or closer when April hits, then it's time to talk title. Doesn't mean there is no ambition, just why talk about it? There are actual matches to obsess over.

Grant Ward loan extension imminent| Sheffield Star

The manager of Rotherham confirms what we already know. Ward is a jack of all trades who becomes vital to every team he joins. Interesting quotes, anyway.

Kevin De Bruyne out for 10 weeks| London Evening Standard

This is just to show people that injuries happen to all teams. Also, we will play a City squad without one of their key creative players.

And in honor of gif party Fridays, I leave you with this.