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Tottenham midfielder Mousa Dembele signs new contract through 2019

One of Tottenham's best players has just re-upped for another two years.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Well, this was happy news to wake up to! Tottenham Hotspur announced via their website and on social media that midfielder Mousa Dembele has signed a contract extension with the club through 2019.

This season, Dembele has transformed from a player that was misused and one that we very nearly sold in the summer to one of the most important players on the team. Dembele has four goals in 20 appearances for Spurs this season, but more importantly his midfield partnership with Eric Dier has been one of the reasons Spurs have only lost three matches this season. Moose stated on Spurs' website that he's very happy at Tottenham:

"When I heard that the club wanted to extend my contract I was very happy, I've signed and I'm happy to be part of the future - and I know it's going to be a bright future.

"The way we're playing, the way the club is developing, everything is very good and everyone wants to be part of this team and this club. That's why I'm proud to extend my contract."

This extension is a bit of a surprise. While contract extensions for Spurs players have been frequent this season, I don't recall hearing any murmurs that Dembele was in the process of working on a new agreement with the club. Locking down Dembele to a new contract not only reinforces the extremely positive dynamic coming out of the club at the moment but also locks down one of Spurs' contenders for Player of the Season for another two years. It's great news for Moose, supporters, and the club itself.