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Tottenham to host Crystal Palace in FA Cup fifth round

How about a rematch with the Crystal Palace Fightin' Pardews? This time with 100% more Adebayor.

Who's ready for a rematch with this guy?
Who's ready for a rematch with this guy?
Ian Walton/Getty Images

The #narrative gods have spoken, and Tottenham Hotspur may be welcoming a former player back to White Hart Lane earlier than expected. Spurs have drawn a home match against Crystal Palace in the fifth round of the FA Cup. The match will be held sometime between February 19-22, with the exact date and time TBD.

Yes, this means that Emmanuel Adebayor may be making his return to White Hart Lane sooner than expected. But other than this particularly egregious piece of narrative, this isn't a bad draw at all for Spurs. Palace are reeling, having lost their last four matches, and are winless in their last six. While Spurs didn't manage to snag Shrewsbury or any of the lower league sides left in the Cup, they avoided the big nasties and have a home match against a mid table side for which they can probably moderately rotate.

Pop open the Power Horse.

FA Cup Fifth Round Full Draw: