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Tottenham's Pritchard set for West Brom medical ahead of loan

This is unexpected!

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hey, remember that time when we posted an article strongly suggesting that Alex Pritchard was set for a player-initiated loan to the Championship? That was awesome. Just hours later, Sky Sports understands that Alex Pritchard is due to have a medical at West Bromwich Albion ahead of a loan for the rest of the season.

What we don't know is whether this a) is actually a thing, b) has any impact on whether or not Spurs will bid or land Little Bear, or c) means Pritchard will actually get significant playing time at the Hawthornes. Like so many things at the end of a transfer window, this seems to have emerged very suddenly out of the ether.

The idea of a Championship loan made sense to me because we KNOW he'd do well at that level no matter where he landed. But West Brom? It seems at first glance to be a terrible fit. Tony Pulis doesn't play with a lot of flair players, and it's unclear whether Pritchard would even be first choice for the Baggies. And let's be honest, does anyone really expect Tony Pulis to get the best out of a talented young player who's on the cusp of breaking out into the big time? (Someone go ask that Saydo Barahiño guy on the bench over there.) On the other hand, it's hard to pooh-pooh a Premier League loan, and apparently Pritch wanted to stay in the EPL.

This feels like a weird development, but let's just wait and see what happens. Right now I have no idea what to think except that I think a loan for Pritch is probably a good idea, wherever it happens to be. I love hate love the end of the transfer window because just after you post a well-reasoned article about a plausible transfer move, something new comes out that makes you look like an idiot. I am that idiot. Wheeeeee.