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Let's watch every Tottenham Hotspur goal scored in 2015

A new year is upon us. While we await what 2016 brings us, let's not forget about the year that 2015 was. Through the power of video editing we can go back and watch every single Tottenham Hotspur goal that was scored in the last calendar year.

Youtuber "SpursOnly" has compiled a 10 minute video of nothing but goals from our beloved Spurs over the last year. Starting with Harry Kane's stunning solo goal against Chelsea in January that left everyone around the world amazed all the way to Son Heung-Min's incredible jumping back heel nutmeg match-winner against Watford that left his own teammates flabbergasted. Every goal, in chronological order.

Who knows what 2016 will bring? We've already seen one spectacular goal from Dele Alli so far. Hopefully many more are soon to follow. If the quality of the goals this year are able to match the ones we saw in 2015 we'll be in pretty good shape.