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The Tottenham Hotspur Save-a-palooza

Goals on goals on goals. That's all video highlight reels are now-a-days. As an amatuer video editor in my spare time myself, I'm guilty of this as well. We all love football for the spectacular goals. But what about the goalkeepers? They are people too. They need some love every once in a while.

The fine folks at SpursTV took it upon themselves to break this ugly trend by compiling a special highlight video of Tottenham Hotspur's goalkeepers balling out in training one day. Unfortunately, they seemed to have picked a day that the club's most recognizable goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, wasn't in training. Seems like poor planning to me, but I'm just a guy on the internet. What do I know?

Nevertheless, Michel Vorm and Tom Glover show off their cat-like reflexes in this interesting look behind-the-scenes at Spurs training.

In anything, the video is worth watching for the top notch editing. The music may leave a little to be desired, but the effects and transitions are pretty fancy. Someone teach me how to do that stuff.

Enjoy the video: