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Tottenham looking into availability of Bundesliga midfielder

You want DM depth? This would provide it.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Two days ago in our January transfer window preview, I mentioned how Tottenham Hotspur had been linked to absolutely nobody either at defensive midfielder or center back. It didn't take long for that to change thanks to Silly Season being back.

London 24 are reporting that Tottenham and Arsenal, among other unnamed clubs, are monitoring Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Granit Xhaka as possible upgrades to their squads. There isn't too much to go by, but there are some quotes, which instantly lifts it above #BatCountry links.

For now no deal is in place, however nothing is being ruled out by the player’s agent. "At the moment I prefer not to say too much," his father and agent Ragip Xhaka told Napolicalciolive. "We’ll see what happens. I can say that several big clubs are interested. "Everything is possible, we’re not ruling anything out."

Well, it's something!

Xhaka is a solid player for an exciting squad at Gladbach. The 23-year-old Swiss born midfielder is a guy who can play just about any spot in the midfield, but seems quite at home in the defensive slot. He's also managed to score three goals in 26 appearances for Gladbach. A worrying stat, however, is his inability to avoid bookings. Xhaka has nine yellow cards and three red cards on the season, one of which was a straight red. Granted, you want some fire in your defensive guys, but there's a fine line that a player can't cross.

It's hard to peg a potential transfer fee since this is just speculation and quotes from an agent. Some digging around on prior articles has the suggestion of around €20m, but complicating any move is the fact that Xhaka signed a new deal last year that keeps him with Gladbach until 2019, so that figure might be higher. We'll see if anything comes of this, but Xhaka would be a quality signing and provide the much needed depth that Spurs could be looking for in the midfield.