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Jan Vertonghen learns how to play the other football

The NFL is taking over the world and the Premier League is no exception. It seems inevitable at this point that London could get an NFL franchise in the future. The league is constantly judging the UK audience every year with regular season games at Wembley Stadium.

Spurs are no stranger to NFL links either. It seems like they are always doing some kind of promotional activity with them. The official Tottenham Hotspur website even ran a story last week about a Jacksonville Jaguars player who is a supporter of the club.

The BBC have an interesting web series in which they allow former NFL defensive end, Osi Umenyiora, to travel around to different Premier League clubs and talk about American football.

For a someone who rarely uses his arms, Jan can throw a pretty respectable spiral. Osi teaches the Spurs center-back some moves to help him out should he ever find himself in a spontaneous game of tackle football.

He also talks about the time the Buffalo Bills visited the Spurs training ground and he took a hit from a pro player.

How well do you think Jan would do if he had to play in a game of American football?