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Harry Winks sorta kinda replicates Dele Alli’s Palace wondergoal

Good enough...

Truly special moments only happen ever so often in football. When they do happen they are instantly recognizable. In the old days you’d have to wait until the next day to talk to your friends and/or co-workers, but today you can see the instant insanity on social media.

When Dele Alli scored his wondergoal against Crystal Palace last season you just knew it was a special moment as soon as the ball found its way into the net off his right foot.

Almost a year later people still clamor over that goal. BT Sport have a web series dedicated to players attempting to re-create famous goals and they picked this particular one for an episode.

Instead of having Dele do it again, they let Harry Winks try his luck at re-creating the masterpiece.

He surprisingly did pretty well. On his second attempt he managed to find net after taking the mandatory two touches and volleying. It wasn’t the cleanest of goals and there weren’t Premier League-caliber defenders chasing him down, but a goal is a goal and the job was done.

Winks joked with Alli that it only took him two tries to pull of his wondergoal, with which Dele responded that it only took him one. We’d like to think that Harry responded in true Harry Winks fashion: