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AZ director tips Vincent Janssen to succeed at Tottenham

It took a lot of doing to get Janssen to Spurs from AZ Alkmaar, but in the end it seems like everyone ended up happy.

Netherlands v Belarus - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Fresh off of a goal for the Netherlands this week, Tottenham Hotspur striker Vincent Janssen seems he’s on a good run of form. That’s good, since some Spurs fans have been a little impatient with Janssen thus far this season after the club spent £17m to sign him this summer from AZ Alkmaar.

Today, Alkmaar director of football Max Huiberts spoke about the Janssen transfer in AZ fanzine AZ Spreekt (reported in the Evening Standard). Huiberts talked about how he was satisfied with the way the summer transfer concluded and that he thinks Janssen will do well in the Premier League.

“Afterwards I thought: ‘wow, nice, we have done well’. I was relieved that it was completed well. [Tottenham], Vincent Janssen, and we were very satisfied.

“But I also understand the fans who think we have lost a very good player. That just happens, we have to deal with that in the Dutch league.”

“It was said that it was ridiculous that we asked more than 10 million for Vincent because he plays for AZ but then I think why? He is the top scorer in the Netherlands and the number one striker of Oranje. I am sure that he will adapt quickly to the level of the Premier League

They say the definition of a good deal is one where both sides leave unhappy. Maybe there’s some truth to that, though it appears everyone in this case walked away more or less satisfied. The saga was long and drawn out, and at one point was contentious enough for Janssen to go to the media and demand that he be sold to Spurs. So there’s still a very small part of me that reads Huibert’s comments and seethes about the amount of time that it took to get this deal across the line and the final transfer fee that Tottenham paid.

But on the other hand, that’s football. We praise Levy for being a negotiation ninja and getting Spurs great deals on the transfer market, so we should probably tip our hat to Huiberts for hammering out a deal was was by all accounts a satisfactory conclusion for everyone involved.

Also, it’s nice to get further confirmation from Huiberts that he thinks Janssen can succeed in English football. I think so too. With a trip to West Brom coming up this weekend and Harry Kane still ailing, this seems like it could be a good opportunity for Janssen to use his very good hold-up play against a team that loves to put men behind the ball.