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Did Chelsea just screw Spurs out of a major kit deal with Nike?

In conclusion...

Chelsea Kit Launch Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images for adidas

Proving once again that life is unfair and everything is awful, Chelsea Football Club today announced a huge new kit manufacturing deal with Nike worth what is thought to be around £70m a year.

Darren Rovell was (unsurprisingly) among those who broke the news on Twitter and it was later confirmed by Chelsea, though without a price attached.

So why am I writing about a Chelsea kit deal on a Tottenham Hotspur blog? First, f**k Chelsea and their Scrooge McDuck-sized money pit. And second because it looks plausible that Chelsea have just screwed Tottenham out of its own potential kit deal with Nike.

It’s been a well-known secret for a while now that Spurs have been quietly negotiating with Nike for them to replace Under Armor as the club’s kit manufacturers when their existing contract expires at the end of this season. Nike was apparently desperate to land a kit deal with a London club, as until now they didn’t have a presence with any club currently playing in England’s capital. They have a deal with Manchester City, but Manchester isn’t London, you know?

But those negotiations have gone quiet for a few months now, and now maybe we know why. Chelsea’s deal with Nike is MASSIVE, and they serve to make over 900 million pounds over the lifetime of their contract. The deal is notable not only for the huge amount of money involved but because Nike apparently spent a metric ton of cash to back out of their existing contract with adidas, six years early.

Now, it stands to reason that any hypothetical deal between Spurs and Nike wouldn’t have been in the same astronomical financial realm in which this one resides. Like it or not, Spurs still don’t have the same kind of international reach that Chelsea does. And to be fair we don’t really know how much money Spurs might have made under Nike, though it certainly would’ve been significantly higher than the £10m/year that they’re making with Under Armor at present.

Still if the rumors about Tottenham and Nike are to be believed, and it seems like they should be, then this is another metaphorical poke in the eye from a club that seems to revel in sticking it to Spurs at every occasion. To put it in other words, Tottenham’s major kit deal might have just gotten Willian’d.

But that’s fine, Chelsea, whatever. Enjoy your big bags of money and your cookie-cutter intern-designed theme and variations shirts that ten other clubs in Europe will be wearing next season. We’ll just be over here five points ahead of you in the table. In the dark. Wearing last year’s kits.