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This Tottenham Hotspur fantasy kit concept is LITERALLY FIRE

And figuratively too? Eh...

One of the biggest talking points for supporters each season is that of kit designs. Each year every club usually launches at least one new kit and when they do the inner fashionistas come out in all of us.

There are graphic designers in our little corner of the world that specialize in creating kit concepts. Some are great, some are not. Some do so well that they get noticed by a big company like Nike.

SETTPACE such a person who has a vast array of kit designs in their portfolio. You can see most of them here on their Instagram page.

One in particular caught out eye. This Tottenham Hotspur kit is, as the kids say, fire!

No, but seriously, it’s literally fire. The extravagant design has a flame-like look to it with the orange pattern rising up the shirt.

There’s also a skeleton themed one as well:

These are something you probably won’t see on a Premier League weekend anytime soon, but you have to give them an A+ for creativity. Sometimes designs can be downright boring, but these certain stray away from that category.

Would you rock these on a matchday?