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Friday Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links, October 14, 2016

Who else is afraid that Nacer Passer Badly is going to avenge himself this weekend?

West Bromwich Albion v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

I’ve gotta be honest y’all: After three years of “Passer Badly” jokes I’m kinda terrified of our reunion with Nacer Chadli this weekend. This game feels like a trap game times 100: Tony Pulis + West Brom (dumb things happen in our games with them) + Nacer Passer Badly + We Just Thrashed Pep City. I just have Lots of Bad Feelings about this one. I hope I’m wrong. I think we can still win—I predicted a 2-1 win in the writer’s prediction league. But I’m totally freaked out about this one. How about you all? Confident? Terrified? Somewhere in between? Contemplating what drinking game you’ll need to come up with to make the game watchable? Actually, that’s a good topic: Drinking games for when your team is playing Tony Pulis. Go. Have fun.

On to the links:

The Busby Babe previewed the Northwest Derby set for Monday night.

Rory Smith wrote for the New York Times about how video games are changing the way soccer is played.

Aston Villa hires Steve Bruce to replace Roberto Di Matteo. Related: Aston Villa is trying to kill all of the writers at 7500 to Holte.

Speaking of claret and blue teams who constantly disappoint their fans, SBN has a new West Ham blog: Brace The Hammer. In all seriousness, we’re really excited to have another EPL team in the SBN network. Check them out. They’re already doing great work.