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Wheeler Dealer Radio Podcast - President Dembele

Hail to the Chief

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The international break is over! Yay! We're finally back to talk about a Spurs game this is gonna be oh it was against West Brom. Ugh. I am joined by Sidekick Ben Daniels, Evil Numbers Wizard Michael Caley, and Cartilage Free Captain Old Boy Ryan Rosenblatt to slog through this Tony Pulis garbage fest. We talk about what worked and what didn't against West Brom and why. We take a closer look at Dele Alli and then get mad about Nacer Chaldi. Finally, we take a closer look at Bayer Leverkusen and discuss what the game against Spurs will look like. Join us, won't you?

WE'RE ON ITUNES! CHECK US OUT! LEAVE A REVIEW! Or we'll rehire Tim Sherwood or something. Also you can listen to us on the app of your choice by using our XML feed. And if you can't figure out how to listen at this point, who are you? Harry Redknapp or Tim Sherwood or something? Go listen and enjoy. Or not. Whatever.