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Watch Dele Alli nutmeg two defenders in a row to set up Spurs chance

There have been no goals between Tottenham Hotspur and Bournemouth as of writing in the 21st minute of play, but there has been some magic.

The Nutmeg King himself, Dele Alli, has made an appearance in grand fashion. He’s already claimed two victims on this fine Saturday morning after nutmegging two Bournemouth players back to back to set up an Erik Lamela shot that rang off the post.

I don’t care how many times we see it, Dele embarrassing fools with the nutmeg will never get old. It’s just a shame that the shot didn’t go in or this would’ve gone down as one of the goals of the season.

Instead we just have to appreciate the individual skill and hope Spurs can find a goal somewhere else to grab the three points.

You have to wonder if Dele himself is ever surprised at the frequency of his nutmegs or if he just expects to do it?